Noah's Ark Found Alas!

by Chris Bayer, PhD 

September 10, 2016

The search is over: after millennia of speculation, expeditions and claims of Noah’s Ark discovery on snowy Mt. Ararat in Turkey, low and behold it has now been sighted in Williamstown, Kentucky. 
In a way, I am thrilled someone who actually believes that Genesis is in fact a veritable geographical and historical account of world history, would take his interpretation of that text to its logical – and preposterous – end.  A $100 million monolith replete with dinosaur babies exposes just how far-fetched the proposition of young earth creationism really is.

Evolution Primer

by Chris Bayer, PhD 
December 10, 2016

Someone asks you how evolution works.  You, in turn, put together this multi-media
package of basic information on evolution in the way of an introduction to the subject.  Let the conversation begin!


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